Durian offers different collections such as Metal Door Skin Collection, Cut Paste Collection, Partitions.

5 Rules of Applying Door Skin Laminates to your doors.

First impression is the last impression and your door is the first thing that people notice when they enter your home or office space. It is a well-known fact that people spend thousands of rupees just to make, maintain or re-design entry doors and sometimes you have to completely replace those old damaged doors. The best and a onetime solution to have classy yet durable doors, is to apply door skin laminates. Durian Laminates offers you a wide range of door skin laminates that are best suited to fulfill your style requirements wherein they come in different styles, patterns, material and colors. Durian offers different collections such as Metal Door Skin Collection, Cut Paste Collection, Partitions. we also offer an option where in you can develop your very own exclusive door. These door skins help in giving life, durability and a lot of elegance to your doors. They can sustain through bad weather conditions, can be easily maintained and they are environment friendly as well. Now let us guide you through the things that should be kept in mind while applying door skin laminates, or alternatively you could look into commercial door repair to make sure your doors are done professionally, improving quality and the lifetime of the product.

1) Style: First thing to be given utmost importance is that you need to pick out a door skin laminate that syncs well with the rest of your indoor and outdoor furniture and walls. Generally door skins are of subtle colors and patterns. Avoiding bold colors would be a good option to give class to the entire look and feel of the place. There are multiple styles, colors and patterns available for you to pick from will fulfill your requirements.

2) Matt finish vs. High Gloss: It is advisable to apply matt finish door skins rather than high glossy ones. This is because during a day lots of hands touch your doors, lots of things pass by and high gloss laminates make fingerprints, dirt and scratches extremely visible. Thus matt finish is the best option.

3) Support: Give your doors a proper door panel that is made from good quality of laminates. This will give your door and door skins the life and durability it needs.

4) Maintenance: As mentioned earlier laminates do not require high maintenance but they do need timely cleaning and polishing. While doing that it is important that you don’t use acidic items and cleaners as that will reduce the life of your laminates. Using harsh chemicals will fade out the colors and patterns of your laminate. Also make sure that no item too hot or too cold should touch the surface of the laminate. For cleaning purpose you can always use a damp cloth or a mild detergent.

5) Handles: Handles are an important part of your doors. The fittings need to be done before applying the door skin and after the door skin is applied you can then attach your handles. This helps in reducing the damage to your laminates which in turn helps in increasing its durability and life. There are numerous styles of handles available today in the market. You can pick out from metal to wooden handles, small or top to bottom handles and many more styles.

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