If your furniture is in the initial phase of being infected by termites then you can use a method which they call the ‘Cardboard Trap’ for termites.

How to protect your furniture from termites

Termites are known to be the deadliest pest that could infect your house. Once infected, it can cause a serious damage that leads to completely shunning off your home or office furniture. Depending how much damage the termites have caused, you might have to contact termite companies to get them professionally exterminated. It is a pest that can single handedly start causing damage from the very foundation of your space and work its way up. If you are not paying attention it will be too late for your furniture, it can take up to five years to realize that your furniture has been infected and so it is important to keep a close eye and take precautionary measures to take care of your furniture from termites. We at Durian understand the importance of the investment, of finances, time and emotions, that goes into making a beautiful home or office space and so we have mentioned a few tips of how to protect your furniture from termites.

First and the most important thing you need to keep in mind that one should never compromise in buying the right quality of furniture and laminates that go with it. Low quality of furniture and laminates are an attraction for termites, so you might want to look at products like this garden furniture teak made.

Secondly termites mainly occur when moisture hits your furniture. So you have to keep in check that your furniture is moisture free. Avoid using any water or other liquids while cleaning your furniture. Harsh chemicals also ruin the base of wooden furniture. If in case of monsoons you see seepage in the house, the best way to avoid moisture is by keeping your furniture in sun light for a few hours till you feel the moisture is gone.

Another handy way of keeping your furniture termite free is by using the right wood polish. Certain wood polishes work towards keeping your furniture away from termites. You can have your carpenters and get your furniture polished with these special kinds of wood polishes.

If your furniture is in the initial phase of being infected by termites then you can use a method which they call the ‘Cardboard Trap’ for termites. You can buy a bunch of cardboards, spray water on them and put them in a corner of your house. Due to its woody smell and cellulose present in cardboard, termites get attracted to it and start gathering in the cardboard. You can then throw away those pieces of cardboard or simply burn them for better results. If you feel you haven’t got rid of the termites you can repeat this process for a few days.

Last and the final way of getting rid of termitesare by getting your space pest controlled. This can be a precautionary method as well as a cure for termite infected areas.

Thus precaution is always better than cure so keep an eye out for termite and give your furniture a safe environment.

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