Reading gives you some place to go, when you have to stay where you are.

Love reading? Have a unique library at your home.

Love of reading is one of the joyous things in the world it transports you to places where you can never think of going, but all the excitement for books mellows down when you find your books lying around in a pile of mess collecting dust all around your tables and beds. So why not achieve your ultimate goal of life by creative a unique and classy library at your home where you can stash all your books in a sequence and never ever have to look back about the worries of where to keep all those wonderful treasure called books.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge or a small space; we at Durian have solutions for both types of homes which can help you build your own libraries.

If you have a small space then you can either dedicate a corner wall in your living room or bedroom to make a small library. You can have the entire wall or cabinets made out for storing those books. For this you can use Durian’s wide range of laminates that helps in giving that perfect exclusive look of real wood. You can use laminates to cover the wall and make sections out of them. For cabinets you can think of going honeycomb style cabinets designed with your favorite color and texture of laminates, you can also go with creating a tree cabinet it doesn’t consume a lot of space and looks vibrant too. If it’s the old look that you’re going for with your library, you may want to consider buying something like an antique bookcase from if you fancy more of a period piece.

If you are looking to create a huge library then you can opt for creating an entire room for books, a huge library with as many shelves as you like and use the best of the laminates to give it the look of real wood.

Few tips while creating your library always go for the wooden look it gives an elegant gaze to the space. A big and comfortable chair near your library area with a table, lamp and a leg rest is the ultimate comfort furniture. There should be a source of natural light in the library area. You can also keep artifacts, show pieces and lamps to decorate your library. All these things will make your library a very cozy and peaceful environment suited exactly the way you need to read that amazing book while sipping a warm cup of tea. And for all the furniture you can select your favorite laminate from our exclusive range at Durian.

Do keep in mind not to overdo with too much furniture and use different types of laminates. Think and decide on a theme and go for it!

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