Durian offers a wide range of colorful, cartoon and other kind of printed laminates. You can choose from these amazing designs to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

Make your kid’s bedroom a place of joy

Kids are said to be the life of the house, the ones that bring all the joy in the world with their innocent yet mischievous nature, thus creating a joyous space for your kids is an important part of designing the house. As and when the kids grow they develop their own likings so don’t forget to ask your kids and then conceptualize your design. The first thing you should do is pick up a theme. Maybe creating an animal themed bedroom or a pastel theme that would suit your kid’s bedroom and move forward with it. One important detail to be kept in mind is to make the room safe, functional, practical yet fun.

While looking for ideas you will see that bright colors adore the entire look of a kid’s bedroom. You can go for your kid’s favorite colors and pick out the curtains and furniture accordingly. You can go for some amazing digital and colorful laminate designs for your furniture that brighten your kid’s bedroom. Make sure that the room has adequate artificial and natural lighting as it helps bring in good energy. Dark and dull rooms can affect your kids mind in a negative way. If the kid is surrounded by good light it can help him in his daily activities and studying also becomes a comfortable task.

You can use your kid’s toys to decorate the room. With those toys they can also enjoy a kids song while they play. You can take cars and other such toys of different shapes and sizes to cover up different areas of the room. You can hang a few from the ceiling or you can arrange them in such a way that they look appealing and fun. For the ceiling you can also go for glow in the dark items, they are fun to look at and also helps the children to fall asleep sooner at night.

Durian offers a wide range of colorful, cartoon and other kind of printed laminates. You can choose from these amazing designs to decorate your kid’s bedroom. From walls to beds, side tables, wardrobes and study tables, you can decorate the bedroom like a wonderland for your child. You can use unique prints of laminates and create a great storage space in your kid’s bedroom which is must to store all their books and toys.

You can use designer laminates and create a unique art wall for your kid where he can showcase his skills of drawing or sketching. You can also use this unique wall as a backdrop for your kid’s musical instrument. Activity design is a must for any kid’s bedroom. This means there has to be a few activities that need to be a part of the room like a library, study table or even a basketball ring.

For the carpets, you should try to pick a colour that will go with anything so if you ever need to redesign a room for whatever reason you won’t need to pull it up or keep to a colour theme! Short carpets are also easier to clean with wet-dry vacuums (which can be found at https://www.bissell.com/carpet-and-floor-cleaning-formulas) so I would recommend using them!

One significant advice would be not to overdo with the colors, curtains, furniture and other items in the kid’s bedroom. Make sure there is sync throughout the bedroom and it doesn’t look unorganized.

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