Minimalist bedrooms are made by having furniture that you absolutely can’t do without and that’s about it.

Minimalist bedroom is the new style of Interior Design!

Feeling cluttered in your home? Does your bedroom make you feel you are in a crowded place? Then you have reached the right place. Let us tell you how you can re-design your home and bedroom in a way that is not cluttered yet modern! Yes, that is right minimalist bedroom and home is the new style of interior design! Gone are the days where there was furniture in every corner of the room. Simple furniture, subtle colors and chic style that’s what today’s trend calls for. Let’s have a look at how can you design your home in most fashionable way!

Minimalist bedrooms are made by having furniture that you absolutely can’t do without and that’s about it. Bedrooms with a bed, side tables, dressing table, mirror and a chair make the classiest of rooms. They define modern fashion and are extremely easy to maintain as well. You should also keep in check your electronics in the room. Not having too many electronic items is the key. Make sure these electronics and their wires are well hidden under the wall surfaces. Now you must wonder if you have less items in your room how will you make room for your stuff and where will you have your storage. We have the perfect solution for that too. While designing your room make sure that each place you create has a storage place and is easily accessible. For example, if reading and working in bed is your daily routine then try and have side tables with storage space for your books, laptop and other such things.

Now let us draw your attention to the colors of the room. You can design your room’s walls and furniture by picking out the most basic yet classy color laminates like white, grey, beige, wood etc. You can play with the patterns and textures of your laminates. With minimalist rooms there is no way you can go wrong with the colors just remember that while keeping contrasting colors do not overdo it, you don’t want to be around in a room which looks gaudy and doesn’t suite your style patterns. If white is your favorite color then adding soft blues and greens can do wonders to your room, it will give you that chic edge that you desire. Dark colors also make one of the classiest of bedrooms. Going for charcoal colors, navy blues and other such dark colors can make your room look elegant yet intense.

To make the best minimalist bedroom Durian Laminates offers a wide exclusive range of your desired type, colors, patterns and textured laminates that can fulfill all your style requirements.

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