Designing homes is not an easy task and we at Durian understand the amount of financial, physical, mental and emotional efforts are invested into building a beautiful home.

Your Home- Design It Wisely

They say that everything in your home should reflect your character and life as it is passed on to the next generation.  With that being said it becomes more important that it is your home and you should design it wisely, keeping in mind that you and your coming generations are going to spend maximum time at home and that calls for making it beautiful and elegant.

Designing homes is not an easy task and we at Durian understand the amount of financial, physical, mental and emotional efforts are invested into building a beautiful home. That’s why we offer you some quick tips and ideas of how you can design your home that is functional and practical yet cozy and unique.

Beginning with the exteriors of your home, one must keep in mind that exteriors are the most viewed sight and they make an important part of the entire look and feel of the house. Exteriors also suffer the most thus they have to be built and protected with the best of your abilities. You can opt for Exterior Laminates that are specially designed to endure the sun as well as they are resilient towards moisture or the rain. In today’s time and age choosing hardwood for your exteriors or interiors is not a viable option as hardwood doesn’t sustain without regular and timely maintenance over and over again. They get easily damaged due to its moisture absorbing characteristics. Laminates on the other side are affordable, durable and resilient towards heat, water and cold. You can pick from a wide range of laminates for your exteriors and give your home a grand and welcoming look.

Moving on to the second most important part of your house, which is an intriguing part of creating first impressions, it is the door of the home. You can be very creative here. Steel and hardwood doors are a thing of the past; according to the modern trends laminates are creating a style statement with their amazing textures with carvings and patterns that give your doors the rich and elegant look of real wood carvings.

Choosing your interior décor depends on your personality and personal style quota. You can start with the furniture where you can pick out a theme and move forward with it. You can use wooden, high glossy, fancy marble, metal finish, digital prints or you can simply customize the laminates according to your requirements.  You can create unique walls in your living room and bedrooms with amazing wall panel designs.

For your living rooms you can pick out a bold look with glossy laminates or a subtle rich look with wood finish laminates or you can also opt for a combination of both. For your kitchen and bathroom doors and drawer fronts there are different style of concepts that you can opt for. There are numerous patterns and textures available such as the lustrous oval laminate or the natural wood laminate that can give your utility rooms the perfect desired look.

As far as your bedroom is considered, this is the place where you are going to spend your maximum time in peace and comfort. According to the modern trend you can choose from two options either to make it minimalistic or give it maximalist look. Depending on your style and requirements decide on the laminates that would work the best for you. You can go for amazing style of laminates for your bed back design, side tables or study tables and wardrobes as well. You can also design your window treatments around the house with creative styling. Only important thing to remember is to make your home design appealing and soothing to the eyes.

Thus with these few tips create your own small world inside your home and make life beautiful with Durian.

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