Durian Anti-bacterial Laminates – Caretakers of your Hygiene and Health

When it comes to keeping your environment hygienic, germ-free and devoid of any unhealthy contaminants, then few things serve the purpose more than antibacterial laminates from Durian. These laminates are very effective in retarding the growth and sustenance quotient of bacteria on just about any type of decorative or functional surface!

Anti-Bacterial Laminates by Durian

Adding volumes to the aesthetic value of overall décor in both commercial/ residential spaces, these specially manufactured laminates are being widely used as effective anti-microbial agents. Durian anti-bacterial laminates offer great resistance to species like:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Klebsiella penumoniae
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Streptococcus faecalis

Advantages of Anti-bacterial Laminates from Durian

  • Totally safe, germ-free, and safe environment;
  • Certified by government authorities;
  • World-class working systems and wide range of applications;
  • Retards the penetration and growth of microbes and other harmful organisms.

Areas of Application

Healthcare Facilities / Hospitals

Durian antibacterial laminates are especially useful for venues like pathology centers, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other health care facilities that are vulnerable to the growth of bacteria and viruses. They give complete protection to patients, healthcare professionals and in-house staff from bacterial growth.

Restaurants / Cafeterias / Bars

Edibles served on furniture made from anti-bacterial laminates go a long way in reducing the risk of contamination and spread of bacteria, and are fast becoming the first choice for all places that make and serve food and drinks.

Schools / Kindergartens / Day Care Centers / Crèches

Both for horizontal and vertical application, as in the case of tables, walls and cabinets, Durian anti-bacterial laminates keep the environment bacteria-free for infants, young children and their caretakers alike.

Storage Rooms / Lounges / Restrooms

When applied on the walls as integral components of vertical application, these laminates help in eradicating bacteria at amazing rates.


Anti-bacterial laminates are custom made with special quality materials that check the growth of germs and bacteria in any kitchen, thereby taking care of the health and hygiene of one and all.

Laboratories / Research Centers

Tables and walls in modern laboratories are now being lined by these laminated products to provide complete bacterial protection.

Way Forward…

Corridors, public transport, government offices, theatres, malls, shops ……… The list of places where anti-bacterial laminates come in handy is indeed endless.

Get in touch with our representatives and say “hello” to a totally germ-free environment—today!