Decorative Laminates

When it comes to modern day interiors, the “look” is totally incomplete without our Decorative Laminates. Promising to render soul and form to each and every piece of furniture in your residential as well as commercial space, our vast range of laminates at Durian are a must-have indeed!

Attractive Features

Available in an exhilarating range of colors, shades, textures and other defining features, our decorative laminates are skillfully crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of interior designers and lifestyle connoisseurs like you. Boasting of the highest levels of stylish surfacing solutions, high performance and durability, these High Pressure Decorative Laminates are especially designed to cater to all kinds of interior needs—from wall panels to wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, table tops and more.

High Quality Materials

Manufactured from specially selected decorative papers as well as absorbent Kraft paper that is impregnated with melamine and phenolic resins (before being pressed and hardened under heat and high pressure), these laminates offer a unique and stylish look to the interiors of homes and offices alike. Our A grade pulp Kraft paper offer the highest abrasion, electricity and heat resistance, exceptional meta shield technology and are made from 100 percent virgin raw materials.

Value for Money

At Durian, we take immense pride in offering a vast range of Decorative, Wood, Textured and other types of laminates that are totally equipped to ensure strong bonding, high dimensional stability and resistance to boiling water as well as stains. Our products are totally scratch resistant and offer 100 percent protection to all kinds of surfaces.


Our decorative laminates are designed to suit a variety of applications like vanity units, column claddings, wall linings, shelves, home furniture, doors, cubicles, table tops, work-tops, store fittings, displays, office partitions, lift linings, counters, check-out desks and storage facilities in other areas. Their wide range of textures promise to lend an aesthetically appealing finish to the interiors and exteriors of all furniture pieces and are contemporary in fashion, long lasting and stylish.

Take a closer look at our exhaustive array of designer decorative laminates and gear up to create that much needed “exclusive” ambience in your immediate environment—today!