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Synthetic Resin Bonded Laminated Sheets

Our wide range of thermosetting resin bonded laminated sheets are manufactured by pressing multiple layers of Kraft papers impregnated with decorative designs paper ,in a synthetic resin, under high temperature and pressure. The thermo setting feature of our quality-tested resin and melanin turns them into strong but flexible sheets, even as they undergo the process of curing. They are fairly resistive against water and fire, which places them a notch higher than other laminate types. These laminate sheets have a special protective coat to provide a neat and long-lasting finish.

Scratch Free and of High Quality

The high-density factor of these laminated sheets makes them strong and durable, and their protective coating succeeds in preventing unsightly scratches on the surface. Our decorative resin bonded laminated sheets can be designed to take on an appearance of various textures, such as wood, metal, stone, tiles, or solid color and textured solid colors. Their visual texture is almost non-discernible from the real deal, which makes them the ideal laminates to be used in various situations.

Application in Different Sectors

Serving as a perfect fit for residential and other commercial environments because of their rigidity features (especially in places where the surface need to be chemical, water and fire resistant), our laminates are also reputed for their industrial uses. The inherent strength offered by our long list of products provides structural balance to all kinds of bases/ platforms, while keeping the surfaces relatively safe. They are also useful in commercial settings for laminating flat top surfaces, and can be used on tables, cabinets, doors, walls and other places alike.

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