Embossed Laminates

We at Durian Laminates, one of the leading merchants in textured laminates for furniture and wall paneling, boast of an exhaustive range of quality products to choose from. Our benchmarked textures encompass various natural finishes like wood, stone and fabric and also the more creative ones–with contrasting elements of high gloss, paired with matt or dull ones.

Our product category of embossed laminates serves to be a top seller and mimic the look and texture of wood and other natural things quite accurately—and in many more ways than one.

The World of Embossed Laminates

A good alternative to wood, our embossed laminates look like authentic wood panels, and are even textured to feel the same way. However, they come at a more affordable price and are easier to maintain, especially when compared to others in the fray. The protective coating presents on these embossed laminates ensure a scratchproof surface and keep away unwarranted stains, marks and unsightly smears.

Classy and Authentic

At Durian Laminates, we strive to provide our customers with the most authentic looking embossed laminates. Our offerings provide a classier look to all residential or commercial environments based on the wood-like finish. These well-crafted and good-looking laminates are specially embossed to portray the grooves and textures of the surface in good light and promise to sport the authentic look. In addition, they sit well on most flat top bases and can be installed with ease and perfection.

Wide Range of Textures

From the mild and softer –looking textures of Ash Wood (that represent the wood veneer of highly seasoned tropical Ash wood logs to give a smooth look to the substrate), to the ones that reflect the beauty of Knotty Ash and perfectly well Siberian Pine wood knots—we have them all. The deeply engraved and non-reflective wood textures of our laminates offer the much needed natural look and feel, wherever they are installed.

We also have deeply engraved,  three-dimensional Oak Wood textures that offer an intelligent mix of prominent grain and depth; so as to entice you with their look of natural wooden bark. Additionally, our exquisite range of vertical wood textured natural pine laminates portray the non-reflective property of Lumber Pine and greatly enhance the natural look of the substrate on which they are installed. With all this and a lot more in store, our embossed laminates are highly versatile; in warm or cool wood designs alike!

Why should you choose Durian Laminates Embossed Laminates?

We provide great ways of having hardwood like surface; but with reduced levels of maintenance hassles.  Our products are impact resistant, easy-to-maintain and come packaged with a long term warranty too. Our exhaustive range of laminates offer good value for money and are quite resistant to spillage and dust. However, it is advised to wipe away any stains/ spills as soon as possible and dust the floor regularly; so as to prevent any scratches. If you have pets, then keeping their nails trimmed and short will also help in keeping the floor looking as good as new –for a long time.

So, instead of waiting any longer; do get in touch with us and install our embossed laminates–right away.