Espania Range (0.80 MM)

We at Durian believe that everyone has the fundamental right to select as per ones own liking. Appearance, beauty & structure aside, nobody would like to compromise with CHARACTER. Gone are the days of mundane white interiors of furniture’s.

We are proud to present the latest collection of Durian Espania called The Inside Story. Introduced after immense research, this new range offers to its customers nothing but the best to safeguard their valuables placed inside their furniture pieces while giving them the ability to express their individuality.

This range of product has been designed specifically for application inside of furniture pieces for the following reasons:

  • Majority of the designs selected are light in colour. This enables more light to be reflected from the surface onto your belongings for easy visibility. In fact, we have taken inspiration from traditional wallpaper designs that also work to reflect light inside a given space.

  • The Matt texture has been purposefully selected due to its smooth surface, which prevents the accumulation of dirt & dust and provides for each cleaning.

  • Borer, Fungus & Termite (BFT) Guard enhances the capability of the laminates to further protect furniture, garments, cosmetics, jewelry and other valuables.Given the fact that furniture interiors usually have a greater surface area than the exterior, we have specially produced this range to be extremely cost-effective as compared to other traditional forms of decorative laminates.Apply Durian Laminates outside and inside of your furniture to have a worriless sound sleep for years to come!

Fabric Collection

Solid Colors



Disclaimer – * The images of textures presented here are for reference purpose only. Please refer to our physical catalog for exact look and feel of textures.