Secret Behind A Long Lasting Glossy Surface

There has been an increasing trend of using bright and glossy surfaces in furniture and wall paneling. Interiors and designers are using a varied collection of surfacing items such as plastic membrane sheets, acrylic sheets, painted glass, Duco paint, glazed tiles and paints to achieve the desired high gloss finish.

While all of these surfaces all have their own USP, there are certain limitations when it comes to cost, easy of application, dependency on skilled carpenters, wear and tear, and maintenance. One of the fastest growing surfacing material, perfectly suitable for a high gloss finish is the, tried and tested, Decorative Laminate.

Overall usability of high gloss Decorative Laminates has come a long way since its first introduction decades ago. While glossy laminates have been used for many years, the level of gloss available has not always been very high. In order to achieve a truly HIGH glossy laminate surface several factors come into play during production. Only the right combination of resins, chemical additives, curing time and temperature, decorative paper, abrasion resistance overlay and high quality steel press plates will give a truly high gloss level to a laminate sheet.

In order to meet the demands of the industry to produce a low cost, high gloss surface with increased abrasion resistance, Durian Laminates, is proud to announce its High Gloss Plus (HG+) range of laminate sheets. Introduced after several months of intense research, Durian’s HG+ laminate range has all the properties required for a stress free surface solution which will stand the test of time.