HPL Plastic

Made of HPL (high pressure laminate), also known as “HPL plastic”, our new generation plastic laminates come with various safety features such as fire resistance and water proofing; seemingly endless applications that range from cabinets, vanities, countertops and store fixtures to post-forming applications, furniture, and much more; strong protective layers; alluring designs; features of versatility and durability; and so forth, This is the very reason why they are touted as one the most durable forms of laminates in the market today.

The Making of High Pressure Laminates

At Durian Laminates, we have mastered the art of manufacturing high-quality and durable laminates by pressing together multiple layers of Kraft papers and European Design Papers (saturated with phenolic resin), under extreme heat and pressure. Our benchmarked curing processes transform the melamine and phenolic resins present in the raw materials into a single sheet, thanks to their thermosetting feature. The cross lining feature of these laminates then transforms the Kraft papers into rigid laminates. More so, the successful implementation of these processes makes our laminates highly durable, and gives them one of its most interesting features of HPLs–their ability to conform to rounded surfaces, by applying appropriate levels of heat and pressure.

Benefits of Installing HPLs

The HPLs formed as a result of the above mentioned processes are sturdy in nature and are not prone to scratches. These features keep their visual integrity intact. The customizable designs and colorful features of these HPLs make them the preferred laminating solutions for school furniture, lab/kitchen countertops, and flat top furniture alike.

Why Choose High Pressure Laminates from Durian Laminates?

Our HPLs come with in various types of finish, and sport well defined visual elements that can mimic the look of wood, tiles, stones and other creative objects and surfaces etc.—in accordance to your immediate requirements. Because of their rigid structure, our laminates serve to be one of the most favored solutions for covering flat surfaces—in commercial and residential areas alike. The versatile visual/ physical designs and enhanced capabilities of our HPLs make them very useful for various laminating purposes such as:

  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Case Goods
  • Furniture, etc.

Get in touch with our years of expertise and experience and help us make your environment all the more appealing and functional—today!