2017 has introduced the world to fresh laminates trends that are bound to make their way in homes and offices of people with a stylish bent of mind

Laminates Trends for 2017

Beginning from the 80’s when laminates first gained popularity, they have come a long way from looking cheap and unrealistic to being a popular choice for floorings and walls. They have evolved into being modern day realistic mimics of expensive hardwood overlays. Easy to maintain and affordable to all, laminates are going to be an intrinsic part of indoor interiors for a long time. And thanks to technological advancements, they are now available in several designs which implies widened horizon of options to pick from – there’s one for everyone’s liking.

2017 has introduced the world to fresh laminates trends that are bound to make their way in homes and offices of people with a stylish bent of mind. Some of the most prominent trends in laminates are:

Natural Wood Finish

If there is one texture that will never go out of style, it is the natural wood finish in laminates. As opposed to real wood, these sheets are more affordable and easier to maintain. Also, they look exceptionally similar to wood; it’s often hard to tell the difference. Durian has an incredibly large collection of woody laminates to choose from – glossy wood sheets, walnut, chestnut, ebony, pine, oak, sapwood and more, name it and they have it all. Wood finish laminates look classy when used for kitchen cabinets, office desks and tables or shelves in hall. They ooze sophistication.

Natural Stone Finish

Exposed walls are the most happening thing in home décor these days. But due to many architectural limitations, not everyone can go for it. Durian has come to their rescue with its wide range of natural stone finish laminates. These replicates look like real stone structures and give an aesthetically appealing natural vibe to the space they’re incorporated in. They look best in verandas, long walls and master bedrooms.

Digital Laminates

A concept developed for artistic souls wanting to decorate their house, digital laminates are customizable sheets that can be designed according to client’s needs. Colourful, unique patterns can now be a part of your personal space to inspire you every day. Digital laminates can be used for walls and partition walls, commercials, multipurpose furniture, stands and exhibitions, pictures, doors & other such areas.

Fancy Laminates

For all those people who like to stand out of the box and want their homes to do justice to their creative selves, fancy laminates are made just for them. These quirky designed laminates come in vibrant colours in unique combinations. They’re abstract and never miss a chance to grab onlookers’ attention. All creative people should check out Durian’s fancy laminates and imbibe them in their personal spaces.

Durian Laminates has the answer to all your desires. We provide several options to choose from for all trend types, be it natural, woody, digital, fancy or vibrant. Anything and everything you need is available with us.

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