Liner Laminates

Personifying style and elegance in every conceivable manner, our Liner Laminates are custom-made to align with the needs of your cabinets, wardrobes and shelves alike. At Durian, we boast of an exhaustive catalogue of designer laminates in this category and promise to provide the highest levels of dimensional stability, contemporary style and value for your investments.

Versatile and Stylish

Our vast range of Liner Laminates bond well with all kinds of substrates because of their superior and uniform sanding techniques. Attractive, of high quality and designed for installation on the backside of residential as well as commercial substrates, they are specially designed to offer appropriate levels of thickness to shelves, drawers, cabinet doors and a plethora of other surfaces. The primary applications of our Liner range of laminates include residential furniture and cabinetry and are useful for providing attractive lining and face surfacing for unexposed areas.

Durian Espania

Our latest collection–Durian Espania, also referred to as “The inside story”, has been launched after immense research and speaks volumes of our commitment to deliver only the best. These laminates are suited for lining the inside of furniture pieces and are generally light in color. This is to enable easy visibility and a higher degree of light reflection on the valuables placed within a given space. Their Matt textures prevent the accumulation of dirt and lay down the grounds for easier cleaning.

Total Protection and Longevity

Along with a host of other features, these Liner Laminates come equipped with a strong Borer, Fungus & Termite (BFT) Guard that further enhances their functionality and ensures complete protection for electronics, garments, cosmetics, jewelry and other valuables stacked inside the furniture pieces lined by them. More cost effective than other traditional forms of decorative laminates, these products are immensely popular with furniture designers, interior decorators as well as individual homemakers.

Get in Touch with Style…

So, if you are planning to invest in the best laminates to line the outside and inside of your furniture, then do take a closer look at our range of Liner Laminates at Durian. With our years of experience and world-class products by your side, you can look forward to showcasing your individual style in your personal environment—the right way!