Plastic Laminates

When it comes to choosing the impressive features of plastic laminates, then you are certainly spoiled for choice with the multitude of designs available to you at Durian Laminates. Our plastic laminates are skilfully designed to visually mimic almost any texture– from wood grains and stone to tiles, abstract patterns, metal, solid colours, textured solid colours, and much more. These exquisite looking and durable plastic laminates come to you at a fraction of the cost of the original materials. In addition, you may even have the digital plastic laminates custom designed to meet your requirements and specifications.

The Making of Plastic Laminates

Our plastic laminates are made by pressing together multiple layers of Kraft papers and European design papers impregnated in resin, under high temperature and pressure. The top layer decorative paper is impregnated in melamine resin and is topped off with a protective coating, so as to give high scratch resistance. This process, which has been mastered by our engineering team over the years, gives our laminates the strength and durability that they need. Highly scratch resistant, these laminates make for a low maintenance alternative to the real thing.

Benefits of Installing Plastic Laminates

The plastic laminates manufactured and marketed by Durian Laminates are bound to wood or composite bases by using laminate glue or resin. Their low cost- durable structural designs transform them into apt solutions for multiple applications. These laminates serve as the most popular choice for flat top surfaces such as countertops, desks/benches in schools, floors, wall panelling, and more.

Why us?

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your plastic laminate needs, then we at Durian Laminates help your cause to the hilt. Our laminates protect the wood and other base surfaces from fungus, termite, and borer invasion. We have a wide variety of designs to choose from, and all of them are available in multiple thicknesses to meet your requirements. With so much and a lot more in store, we offer superlative forms of durability, good-looks, proper aesthetic values and intrinsic worth through our offerings.

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