Post Forming

About Us:-

The series of Post Forming  Laminates from DURIAN Laminates is designed to offer the finest in functionality and aesthetics of your home & work interiors. Armed with superior flexibility and malleability, the post forming laminates are ideal for diverse curving in various degrees or where ever the laminate is required to smoothly cover a small surface in a simple radius over the edges of a substrate. This results in no seams and ungainly edges around corners and a smooth uniformly laminated, gorgeous surface along with the smooth and perfect post forming finish.

Application :-

  • Countertops
  • Executive Tables
  • Furniture Tops
  • Shutters
  • Office – Workstations
  • Kitchen Cabinet Door Shutters
  • Storage Cabinet Unit
  • Shelving System

Composition :-

It is a fully cured laminate that is manufactured using a controlled reaction method. In this, the resin is allowed to cure fully but the reaction is controlled in such a way that even extra heating will not have an effect on its  Post forming properties. Due to the laminate being fully cured, it inherits and exhibits exactly the same properties as Standard General Purpose laminates.

Specification :-

SR No. Size Thickness Finishes
1 1220 X 2440 0.60 MM Suede
2 1220 X 2440 0.60 MM Matt
3 1220 X 2440 0.60 MM Glossy

Advantages :-

  • Wear & Tear Resistant
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • No asbestos or metal contents in the composition of material
  • Strong , Self supporting , Durable and Long lasting
  • Does not need any maintenance

Properties :-

  • Suitable for all interior applications
  • Available in wide range of attractive colors’ and textures
  • Creates a healthy environment as it does not support micro organic growth.
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to termites & Fungus

Benefits :-

  • Impact Resistance
  • Climate Stability
  • Termite & Borer Proof
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Stain Resistance

Storage and Transport :-

Post-forming laminates must be stored horizontally with the top sheet turned face down. A thick hard board must be placed on top to protect the surface from any possible damage and reduce the chances of the sheet getting warped. Stored laminate stock must be rotated such that older sheets will be used first. Laminate sheets must be protected from moisture and must never be stored where they may come in contact with the floor or outside wall. Always carry the sheets vertically. Never slide the sheet but lift it while moving it from one place to another. We recommend that ideally two people should carry a full size sheet as carelessness can damage the decorative surface.

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