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  • Apr 11, 2023

    A Commitment to Excellence Durian Laminates

    Durian Laminates is one of the foremost brands in the Indian Laminate Industry. With a state-of-the-art factory unit for manufacturing to quality decorative laminates for all interior purposes, Durian Laminate has over 1200 + designs available and sourced from world over. In a conversation with SURFACES REPORTER® (SR), Mr Vishal Dokania, Managing Director, Durian Laminates talks about the brand, market and the way ahead.

    What is the vision of DURIAN Laminates?

    Durian Laminates envisions to be the preferred choice for architects, interior designers, and consumers who are looking for innovative, high-quality laminates that offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by constantly innovating and staying ahead of design
    trends, while also prioritizing sustainability in our manufacturing processes. Durian Laminates is one of the first brands in India to launch Anti-fingerprint and Anti-Scratch Laminates.

    What sets Durian Laminates apart from the other brands in the market?

    Durian Laminates sets itself apart from its competitors by staying on top of global interior design trends and innovating constantly to create relevant and exciting designs that cater to the
    needs of architects and designers. Durian has a dedicated design team that constantly researches and tracks the latest international design trends in order to bring fresh
    and unique design solutions to their customers. Durian Laminates is also known for its versatility,
    wide range of product options, and customization abilities that help architects and designers bring their vision to life in a variety of projects. Durian’s products come in a range of textures, finishes, and colours, including wood grain, matte, gloss, and more. Customers can request customization in terms of size, design, and finish to meet their specific requirements, which sets Durian Laminates apart in terms of flexibility in design and manufacturing

    Mr Vishal Dokania
    Managing Director, Durian Laminates

    Tell us about the sustainability approach of Durian Laminates ?

    Durian Laminates has a “Green Mission” that aims to reduce its carbon footprint and promote the use of environmentally friendly materials, processes, and technology. Durian Laminates’ manufacturing process begins with the selection of eco-friendly raw materials that are free from toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. The company uses recycled and salvaged wood fibers, as well as other sustainable materials, to minimize impact on the environment. During the manufacturing process, Durian Laminates uses advanced technology, such as low emission resins and automated production lines, to reduce energy
    consumption and minimize waste.

    In addition, Durian Laminates’ manufacturing facilities are zero discharge units which are designed to minimize environmental impact. The company has implemented a variety of initiatives to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and minimize the use of harmful chemicals in the production process.

    What role do Experience centers play in making the right decisions?

    Durian Laminates has several experience center’s across the country where architects and
    designers can see our products and get a better understanding of their various applications. Our experts are always available to provide guidance and advice on product selection, customization, and installation, ensuring that our customers are well-informed and empowered to make the best decisions for their projects. We have recently opened our new DURIAN GALLERY in Pune.

    What’s trending and how are you preparing to stay ahead of these trends?

    We are seeing an increased demand for laminates that mimic natural materials, as well as those
    with a more minimalist and industrial look. Durian Laminates is constantly developing new textures, finishes, and colors that cater to these emerging trends, while also ensuring that our products remain functional and practical.

    What are the top-performing designs in your current catalogue?

    Our customers have really liked the anti-fingerprint laminates range, as well as our range of finishes that mimic natural materials like wood, stone, and metal. Some of our top-performing designs include our DOUBLE TONED VENEERED COLLECTION in our Romania 1.00MM folder along with the various Stone Designs offered in our Romania and Italia folders.

    What is your message to architects and designers community?

    Our message is that laminates offer endless possibilities for design and functionality, while also being a cost-effective and practical solution for a variety of applications. We encourage architects and designers to visit our experience centers to get a better understanding of the possibilities of laminates, and to speak with our experts for guidance and advice.

    Please shed some light on the latest offerings from Durian Laminates?

    Durian Laminates is always innovating and developing new products to meet the changing needs of our customers. We are currently working on new finishes and textures that mimic more natural materials, as well as new customization options for our existing products. We are also expanding our reach with new experience centers and partnerships with architects and designers.