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Durianlam- An Eco-Friendly Laminate Supplier

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Are you the kind of Homeowner that loves to go green and use eco-friendly products for the Laminate Supplier decor of their household?

Durian Laminates is one of the best Laminate supplier in India, we do not only focus on providing excellent end-to-end customer results but are also conscious of the difference or the impact that our laminates create on the environment.

We believe that the sustainability of any product manufacturing process should come side by side and which is why our primary focus while the manufacturing of our laminates is to how to lessen the waste impact on our environment.

We’ve listed down a couple of methods by which we ensure to keep our laminates eco-friendly and sustainable.

While it is important to enjoy the results of our labor, achieving these two seemingly incompatible goals will require us to strike a balance between sustainable development and consumption. Yes, if we adopt the proper habits, sustainable consumption is not only feasible but also rather simple to implement. Durian’s Exterior Cladding Grade Laminates are the best in class and are consciously manufactured by keeping the environment and sustainability in mind.

Natural and Recyclable Materials

The majority of producers use recycled natural resources to create their laminates, as is the case at Durian, and they all adhere to environmental responsibility policies. In most cases, recycled wood fibers and chips are used to make the primary core board of laminates.

Sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests

In addition to breaking local, state, and international regulations, illegal felling has a negative impact on the ecosystem. As a result, we only use raw materials from forests that are sustainably maintained.

Safe and non-harmful products.

Safe and non-harmful laminates are produced by Durian Laminates. Additionally, we make sure that none of the components used to create our laminates are on the list of “Deleterious Materials.” In fact, our surfacing solutions have antibacterial qualities that support maintaining cleanliness and safety.

7-Step Quality Check Process

We have also incorporated a 7–point Quality Control System to ensure that every one of our laminate sheets goes through seven quality control checkpoints during its production period.

We are the only brand in India to offer BFT (Borer, fungi, Termite) guards in our laminates making us one of the best Laminate manufacturers in India.

Effective waste management & disposal

We believe that sustainable consumption and effective waste management are the only way ahead to conserve nature for future generations. Laminates made from moisture-resistant, termite-free, borer-proof, high-quality materials also reduce the risk of harmful particles being released into nature while the waste disposal from manufacturing industries.

Durian provides all the necessary features, including durability, simplicity in installation, premium appearance, and the capacity to be bent or die-cut into virtually any shape required, such as furniture pieces, molding, tables, etc., in addition to offering excellent environmental advantages. Because color is present throughout our high-pressure laminate constructions, scratches are less noticeable. Simply because of the colors and aesthetically pleasant texture, many people opt to utilize our high-pressure laminates. whereas the majority of our other laminate product lines are glossy. Along with Decorative High-Pressure Laminates, our factory is also equipped to produce Metal Foil Laminates, Abrasion Resistant Laminates, Dry Wipe Marker Board Laminates, Chalk Board Laminates, Post Forming Laminates, Digital Printed Laminates, Screen Printed Laminates, and Doors Skins to name a few. Durian Laminates is the place for you if you are looking for laminate supplier. Visit our website to check out our wide range of eco-friendly Laminates.

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