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  • Nov 21, 2022

    How can laminates help you live a better life?

    Laminates were not a very common term until the 1980s, Post this era, people willingly switched to Laminate sheets because of the multiple features and best-in-class quality. Durian Introduces its laminates in 2006 and ever since then, we have not only been a brand but a standard of life for most of our customers. The manufacturing of laminates guarantees the product’s durability and a wide range of advantages. Durability, ease of maintenance, a naturally appealing look, and a wide range of uses are some of the main advantages of employing laminates as a surfacing option. Durian; The best Laminate Company in India provides all the above-mentioned features, ultimately being demanded by maximum users in India.

    Durian’s Quality range of Compact Laminate sheets can replace your regular Laminates. We use the best components possible to create our decorative laminates, providing you with the most solid and long-lasting finish. To complement your house, our laminate selection is offered in a range of hues and designs.

    Laminated surfaces are a good option for people who want quality without going over their budgets because they are less expensive than other forms of wood alternatives like hardwood floors or carpets.

    An architect’s creative vision and inspiration are drawn from the ideas of a space’s exteriors while building it for atmosphere and character. Therefore, aesthetically pleasing external elevations made of compact laminates provide the greatest performance solutions and exude a noble air around the home and other areas. Exterior HPL panels are made of specific chemicals that make them resistant to fading, fire, harsh weather, microbiological dangers, and moisture.

    Engineered materials called laminates are made with decorative sheets and resins. Today, these compact laminate sheets have expanded their use beyond furniture and cabinets to include decorative walling and flooring as a wonderful substitute for other materials. These laminates are also scratch resistant, need minimal cleaning, and don’t require polishing, making them very low maintenance. Additionally, laminates come in a wide variety of design patterns, colors, and textures and tend to give anything they are put to an elegant feel. The most recent innovation is digital laminates, which allow buyers to personalize designs to their liking.

    They are further categorized into high pressure based on the various production processes and binding techniques utilized to generate these laminates. compact laminate sheets, laminates, and low-pressure laminates. Standard laminates are used in normal applications; post-formable laminates are reserved for spaces like kitchens and offices where a cleaner appearance is required. Anti-bacterial laminates are used in hospitals and restaurants, which need the highest level of hygiene.

    The advanced quality laminates reduce maintenance costs and human efforts ultimately making your life easier. Durian has made its name as the best laminate company in India and these laminates do not require a lot of effort to maintain, Just a usual wipe-off with a damp microfibre towel should keep them as good as new. Since a few years ago, laminates have been widely used in interior design—a more sophisticated application than their first use as merely aesthetic surfaces in table tops and counters. Today, they are much more prevalent in the interiors of homes, offices, hotels, institutions, etc. Quality of life can be defined these days by low maintenance and lesser efforts that a man needs to put in. Durian’s Laminates is one of the best Laminate companies in India and it increases efficiency in your life by giving you a luxury home and increasing your quality of life. Your guests will be in awe of your home and office spaces. Choose your range of laminates here.

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