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  • Aug 25, 2022

    Key Benefits of using Anti-bacterial & Antivirus Laminates in your Homes

    Designing a new home and using all the old conventional methods? Health and safety have always been our top priority at Durian Laminates, we ensure to use and deliver only the best to our customers.

    Laminates can be prone to microorganisms. These microorganisms can double frequently and stay there for a long time. As a result, the laminate can become unsightly with stains, odors, and deterioration as well as a reduction in its durability and lifetime.

    That’s why we have developed our Antimicrobial laminate surface technology at Durian Laminates. As Anti-microbial Laminate manufacturers, these laminates are specifically made to combat harmful microorganisms that cause nasty germs & bacteria which can linger on laminate surfaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

    The latest technology incorporated in our anti-microbial laminate the surface is 100% safe for health and won’t cause harm to people or the environment when used correctly.

    We are the largest laminate supplier all over India and we make products that are perfect for both residential and commercial use and that are durable and long-lasting. Our Laminates are made with the highest quality materials to ensure they last for years to come.

    Benefits of using Anti-bacterial & Antivirus Laminates:

    1. Effective against Bacteria, Fungi, Mould, and Mildew – 

    Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective way to add style and protection to our homes. Not only is it durable and easy to clean, but it also uses antimicrobial technology to effectively fight mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. When it comes to keeping your family healthy, It’s a big

    2. Advanced Anti-microbial technology-

    One of the leading laminate manufacturers, Durian Laminates, has created antimicrobial laminate
    surface technology. Laminates with antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties are currently among our best-selling items. The antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial laminates produced and distributed by Durian Laminates offer more hygienic, odor-free, and long-lasting surfaces for
    daily usage.

    3. Reduces Spread of Germs –
    It’s important to keep our family safe from bacteria that might thrive in dated laminates that were once used to cover walls, counters, and other surfaces. Durian Laminates, one of the best
    laminate companies in India provides the greatest antibacterial laminate, that is effective in stopping the transmission of germs. These antibacterial choices have a unique bacterio-static and biocidal ingredient that prevents microbial growth below the surface.
    4. Sustains Good Air Quality-

    In the living, sleeping, and cooking spaces, in particular, anti-bacterial alternatives have a significant impact. This is because they prevent bacteria from growing on the laminate, which might then spread through the home’s heating and cooling systems. To maintain their respiratory health, residents in metro areas can return home to a clean, germ-free atmosphere.

    5. Enhances aesthetic appeal-

    If the laminate is not treated with an anti-bacterial ingredient, mold and mildew may begin to grow on it. If the laminate was purchased from a generic substitute, bacteria could grow in the laminate’s weak places. Buyers may guarantee that they’re adding years to the life of their installations by choosing only premium
    anti-bacterial laminates. There are no corner locations where fungus can begin to develop, and the colors and textures don’t degrade.

    At Durian Laminates we take great care to source raw materials of the finest quality in order to further ensure the quality of our finished product. We are one of the best laminate Companies in India because we source our raw materials from global leaders in the industry, including the U.S.A., Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Japan, and Malaysia.

    Durian Laminates is known for its consistent quality and performance as a Laminate Supplier. Multiple Laminates Manufacturers focus on quality but at Durian Laminates, we make sure to deliver quality with style using cutting-edge technology.

    The business recognizes the value of technology in both the equipment utilized and the procedures that ensure the smooth operation of the business. As a result, we have invested in high-quality machinery and put forward cutting-edge procedures that allow us to export our goods to markets across India as well as to nations in Europe, South-East Asia, and the Middle East making Durian Laminates one of the most widely known Laminate Distributors in India.

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