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  • Sep 10, 2022

    Reasons why the popularity of laminate sheets is growing

    If you are one of those people who want to immediately change and remodel the look of your home or office but don’t have much time or budget, then laminate flooring is the perfect idea for you. Hundreds of people are adopting this brilliant idea to get their kitchen floor or complete the whole house, without a lot of mess and work. Durian Laminate flooring is a smart and simple way to protect your home’s floors while giving them a fresh new look, Durian is India’s fastest-growing laminate manufacturer and laminate supplier with a presence across continents. We have a diverse laminate catalogue that allows our clients to choose from multiple laminate sheets for Home and Residential Spaces.

    Following are some of the reasons why laminate sheets are increasing in popularity:


    Inspired by nature and crafted by human ingenuity, wood laminate sheets are a leading choice for interior designers for residential and commercial projects. They have vertical or horizontal grain, beveled edges, and a smooth finish. Imitation of impeccable and timeless design makes wood grain laminate one of the best-selling decorative surface materials today. 


    Decorative wood laminate sheets are not only easy to install but also easy to clean. Being resistant to staining, you only need to wipe with a piece of cloth from time to time. Dirt cannot penetrate the surface material and regular cleaning with a dry or lightly damp fiber cloth will be enough to keep the wood laminate sheets in perfect condition for decades. Laminates are also scratch resistant and retain their luster for many years.


    Laminate sheets from leading manufacturers are temperature treated to withstand high temperatures in kitchen and industrial applications. Our high-pressure woodgrain laminate is a great example. Being heat resistant, they do not expand or contract with temperature fluctuations, unlike solid wood. They are tough and suitable for high-pressure applications.


    The first point that makes laminate flooring so popular is the easy installation. When we do hardwood flooring they do not require hard skills or techniques to apply. If you are looking for a simple application that does not require much skill or professional help, then laminate flooring is the right choice for you.


    Laminate flooring is budget friendly and very cheap to install. If you are looking to remodel your home without breaking the budget, laminate flooring will be your ultimate solution. It will give you complete remodeling of your home and stay within your budget.


    Another great advantage of laminate flooring is that it is easy to maintain. You don’t need to polish them regularly. Just clean them with a mop and they are good to go. This is the reason why laminate flooring is suitable for offices and other public places where usage is high and maintenance is relatively difficult. So laminate flooring will be very valuable there.


    Laminate flooring is known to be durable. There is no need to replace them every few months. Once you install them, they will be there for a long time.

    Laminate flooring is the most popular of all types of floor coverings. The first laminate flooring product based on direct pressure technology was launched in the market in 1989 and within just 10 years the product became a trendsetter in floor coverings. Laminate flooring is quick and easy to lay, offers a wealth of individual design ideas, and is good value for money.

    Durian, a Compact Laminate Manufacturer in India is a promising laminate brand offering a wide range of high-quality laminate sheets. We are India’s fastest-growing laminate manufacturer and laminate supplier with a presence across continents. With our impressive collection of laminate catalogues, you can decorate your space according to your needs and visions.

    These are some reasons for the popularity of laminate sheets is growing. If you are looking for compact laminate manufacturers and the best laminate suppliers for home interiors and residential spaces, Get in touch with Durian Decorative Laminates.