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Applications of laminate sheets for Home Interiors & Residential Spaces

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Laminate is one of the top options among designers and homeowners when it comes to giving a living room a new look. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and textures, making them a great surface choice to create a unique look. Decorative or Imported Laminates are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.

One of the largest laminate manufacturers in India for interiors, globally recognized as a leader in the laminates and panel industry. We adhere to the highest quality standards of manufacturing decorative laminate suppliers in India. High-pressure laminates, such as those available from Durian Laminate, have traditionally been famous for their use in residential and office furniture such as tabletops, wardrobes, doors, kitchen shutters, and cabinets. Essential qualities such as design versatility, safety, durability, and cost-effectiveness make it an indispensable part of every decor where it finds countless applications.

Let’s look at the applications of laminates in interior decor: 


Quality HPLs can protect walls in various environments such as hallways, dorm rooms, corridors, gyms, and daycares. They can also be applied as a design element on a part of the wall such as behind a reception area. High-pressure laminate sheets manufactured by Durian, a Decorative Laminate supplier in India provide longevity to your decor and can hold up against normal wear and tear.


In any restaurant, the front of the bar is subject to constant interaction with feet, chairs, baggage, and more. High-pressure laminate applied to bar fronts can be combined with suitable lighting to provide an aesthetic beauty that can withstand heavy use and abrasion.


Customer service counters should have a calm and friendly appeal by their nature as they are visited by many people every day. Durian Laminate suppliers offer hundreds of unique designs to help you create counters with an inviting and friendly atmosphere. Anti-bacterial properties and durability make them hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.


The seating areas are designed in such a way that the users feel comfortable and relaxed while waiting. Replacing chair rails with designer laminate not only complements the aesthetics of the workspace but also promotes a sense of comfort for the users. The hard-wearing and impact-resistant nature of high-pressure laminate also make 1it a great choice for the application.

Furniture & Cabinets 

To improve the overall aesthetics of your home or any kind of space, use laminate sheets to give a special touch to a range of furniture including sofas, chairs, shelves, dining tables, coffee tables, and cabinets. Whether you want to install a special laminate or a high-pressure laminate, Durian as a laminate supplier offers a diverse design spectrum with many features.


When it comes to installing wall panels Durian a Laminate manufacturer in India,  HPL is one of the greatest options. They are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Hence, these are suitable for use in high-traffic areas like kitchens, living rooms, hotels, etc. These High-Pressure Laminates are exceptionally durable and easy to upkeep. 

Decorative and Imported laminates are an excellent alternative to modernize the appearance of your space. It’s a long-lasting and cost-effective method to make your house appear more appealing. To get more detailed information, explore the Durian Decorative Laminate now.

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