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Top Metallic Laminate Finishes to Elevate Your Space

top metallic laminate finishes to elevate your space
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Laminate gives your home a classic look! We are going to discuss top metallic laminate finishes to elevate your space!

There are many types of laminates available, including:

  • High-Pressure Laminates (HPL)
  • Low-Pressure Laminates (LPL)
  • Industrial Laminates
  • Specialty Laminates
  • Metal Laminates
  • Wood Laminates
  • Solid Color Laminates
  • Textured Laminates
  • High-Gloss Laminates
  • Matte Laminates

Each type offers unique features and benefits suitable for various applications. 

In this blog, we are discussing the wood metallic laminate finish! Before that, if you are renovating your home or building a brand new home. Consider some of the options given below to make the best choice! To create an aesthetic look for your home with laminate.

Things to Consider:

1. Purpose and Location:  In which place are you looking for it? For the living room, kitchen, or bathroom! For example, if you are looking for kitchen space, then you have to choose laminates that are strong and able to handle wear and tear.  

2. Style and Aesthetic: As per your home design style. Modern, traditional, or rustic style: You have to choose accordingly to set it to the existing decor.

3. Durability and Maintenance: Consider easy to maintain & easy to clean laminates! 

4. Color and Texture: As per your space, decide the color & texture of laminate! Lighter colors can make a room feel bigger and more peaceful & while darker colors create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

5. Budget: As per budget, choose laminate types and textures too!

6. Brand and Quality: Consider a reputable brand that provides quality laminates, like Durian Laminates!

In the final verdict, If budget is not your major concern, then you can look for laminates without compromising your choices. If you have proper wall paints and do not require repairs, then you need to consider the current color of your home. 

Choose laminates that match your home’s theme to give it an elegant look.

If you can renovate your home, consider choosing a lighter color close to white. The reason for this is that lighter colors naturally highlight the laminate, making it look like an integral part of your home rather than contrasting with it.

Dark Metallic Wood 83436-SP-ZD

Dark metalic wood 83436-SP-ZD

As shown in the image, it is a dark metallic wooden laminate. The best part about wooden laminates is that they mimic the actual appearance of wood. Sometimes, you can’t even tell that it’s a laminate; it looks like real wood. Due to this, it gives your space a pure, elegant, and fresh look

A major concern nowadays is that laminates can look old-fashioned over time. However, wood laminates always look fresh and trendy. You can use them anywhere—on doors, kitchen drawers, cupboards, or any other area. It always looks classy.

Yellow Metallic Wood 83435-SP-ZD

Yellow metalic wood 83435-SP-ZD

For the yellow metallic laminate, it comes in a slightly different dark color tone. So for that, you have to consider some of the points before selecting it.

Shades of white and gray contrast with dark laminates, giving a balanced and elegant vibe!


In the final verdict, always avoid rushing to finalize the metallic laminate. Before making a decision, make sure to consider your purpose, requirements, maintenance, and budget. After evaluating these factors, take a look at your home’s existing decor to enhance its appeal.

Choose lighter or darker shades based on your current aesthetic. Selecting a style that remains trendy for a long time is very important.

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